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Ever wonder whose idea it was to install swings throughout campus, who  gave your club the money to go on a trip, or who spent the time organizing  those awesome events like "Battle of the Bands" and the annual SGA Crawfish Boil? The Student Government Association, that's who! Elected by the student body, every SGA member from Freshman Senator to President has sworn his/her devotion to make sure that as a student at LSU Alexandria your needs and your voice will be heard. Our job is to make sure that if you have a problem or an idea for how LSU - Alexandria can improve itself that   your comments and suggestions get passed along to someone who will do  something about it. Funded by the student activity fee which every student pays, we also purchase items (such as those nifty wooden swings) and host events that the students can enjoy. Pretty much, we make sure that your money and your ideas get used and heard like they should be.







The SGA office is located on the 1st

floor of the Student Center, on the left side of the cafeteria. Our influence and our members, however, can be found all throughout campus. All SGA  officers  are current students at LSUA, which means you are very likely to see them anywhere around school, including two rows back in your biology class. Also, the SGA will always have a booth set up at the annual Club Fair held on the quad at the beginning of each semester, not to mention our involvement in other campus  activities:  the Battle of the Bands, and the Annual Crawfish Boil. So keep your eyes open, because whenever you see an SGA member it means that help isn't far away.



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The Student Center - 1st Floor  |  8100 Highway 71 South  |  Alexandria, LA 71302  |  Phone: 318.473.6452